Recruiter for the shoe and leather goods business  

Tipps and Informations

How does a headhunter or recruitment consultant work?

Very often the first telephone conversation with a possible candidate is a sampling with a comparison between profile requirements and the applicant. The fundamental openness to a change is determined.

Here it bodes the possible candidate to listen well even if a change has not yet actually been considered in order to be able to make a rough assessment of whether the position and the company described could basically be attactive.

Should there be interest you should have the essential data forwarded to you so as to be able to prepare further for a possible discussion. Should there be no interest you should indicate whether or not further contact is desired in the case of future vacancies.

It ought to be possible for both parties specifically to ask questions and obtain a rounded picture.

The candidate should ask him/herself questions upfront such as:

» is my CV up to date and showing a photo?
» what successes have I achieved during my career to date?
» what from that is of particular relevance for the position on offer?
» what factors are important for my further career planning?

› Management experience
› Sector
› Function
› Company reputation
› Monetary incentives
› Company culture
› Security aspects

» Am I flexible, am I prepared to relocate ?

› Wthin what distance?
› abroad ?

» how much private information ?

› personal insolvency
› family relationships
› illnesses entailing limitations
› other

Look on the headhunter as a filter or partner and not as an employer.

Incorrect or missing information can have fatal consequences for all parties concerned. Not to mention the valuable time that is lost.

All information that you submit is treated confidentially and only forwarded with your express permission.

From then the actual „sales process“ begins. The recruitment consultant has the task of awakening interest for the company of their client, illuminationg the attractiveness of the position and/or the function and enthusing the candidate. Very often there is more than one candidate put forward.

If the position on offer is of further interest the candidate should also make him/herself aware of their competitive position.

The higher the position striven for sits in the heirarchy of the company the more important are the "soft-skills" of the candidate which are frequently probed through a personality test or Assessment Test and linked to other analyses.

If you make it through to a first interview with the employer then as a rule you are in the selection of top few candidates. Of course, it goes without saying that in this situation you need perfect preparation.

We as personal consultants normally take part in the first conversation. Afterwards, naturally, we continue to stand by you in an advisory capacity.

Your application should contain the following data:

1. personal data

1.1. Name
1.2. Physical address
1.3. Marital status
1.4. Age
1.5. Telefone numbers
1.6. Email Address

2. Photo
3. Education
4. Vocational training
5. Further education
6. Professional career (chronological, start with now!)
7. Languages
8. Particular skills
9. Hobbies / Interests
10. Other

Avoid complicated page layouts. Ensure your CV is always up to date. We are pleased to receive your new data or updates.

Working with several recruitment consultants:

Should you decide to work with several recruitment consultants then please be very sure to ensure that your data are only forwarded with your agreement.

Avoid engaging several consultants for the same position. Inform the recruitment consultant about your activities. A high level of information and trust is necessary when working together.

Speculative application

If you entrust us with your basic data as described below we will contact you promptly personally. Together we will discuss what future prospects we can offer you.