Recruiter for the shoe and leather goods business  

Our mission

We are the staff and corporate recruiters who have specialised in the international footwear and leather sectors.

Be it sports shoes, brown shoes, smart shoes, luxury goods, workwear, slippers, top-end or value footwear they all require specialists and professionals to progress ideas through to the final product.

With the huge potential of our experience of over 30 years in this sector we can secure for our candidates and clients the very best prerequisites for an optimum procurement or consultancy.

We are certainly not general all-rounders offering a standard package for all. We are able due to our profound industry knowledge to tailor services promptly to the individual situation at hand.

For you this means you do not have to start out explaining why it is a specialist matter. You can come straight to the point. This spares time and hassle.

For our clients we have a permanent portfolio of more than 4,500 footwear and leather goods specialists to choose from. With the agreement of the candidate these can be put forward.

On the other hand for our candidates we hold a large range of national and international vacancies which we are pleased to offer you.

For undecided footwear or leather specialists who are engaged in the areas Design, Production, Management, Sales, Agency etc. We can only urge you: get in touch with us.

Your data will be handled by us with the utmost discretion. Thus we can perhaps further your career or open up new perspectives for you.

For more information about working with a recruitment consultant please read Sie the section Tips and Information „How does a headhunter or recruitment consultant work“, “Data Protection” and “A Career in the Footwear and Leather Trade